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As teenagers transition into adulthood, they encounter a range of new responsibilities and challenges. The HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS assists teens on developing essential goal setting and life skills, including effective communication, time management, resilience, and problem-solving. By honing these skills during the summer, your youth will remain productive, effective and focused while gaining a competitive edge as they navigate their academic, personal, and professional journey....all in a fun-filled, interactive and safe environment


HGNG IS AN UNIQUE, ENGAGING AND TRANSFORMATIVE GOAL SETTING PROGRAM designed to specifically encourage your youth to focus on setting and achieving meaningful goals that will instill a sense of purpose and growth both academically and personally while steering them away from any and all negative influences and behaviors that has spiked amongst the youth and young adults. 


Week 1 = July 10th-14th 

Week 2 = July 24th-28th


***Limited spots are available for per week to provide the best possible experience for our participants. We believe having small intimate sessions will enable us to prioritize the quality of instructions, individualize attention, and create a close knit group that supports and encourages each participant's goal setting journey.



  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED COMPREHENSIVE  GOAL SETTING CURRICULUM that'll guide your youth through a step by step process of setting and achieving goals effectively.  

  • ENGAGING INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS AND ACTIVITIES that'll include group discussions, team building exercises, interactive games that'll enhance crucial communication skills, problem solving abilities and leadership qualities. 

  • ALL RESOURCE MATERIALS, MANUALS AND KITS (Vision Board Kit, Mind Mapping Kit, Goal Setting Kit) that'll serve as references and aids through the entire program and beyond ensuring continued growth and development of reaching their goals.

  • CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT that'll be given to each participant for their commitment, dedication and progress made throughout the program

  • LUNCH MEALS AND SNACKS BREAKS will be provided daily for each participant. 

  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS...we believe that personal development is the key to unlocking your teenager's full potential. That's why this program will incorporate dynamic and engaging personal development sessions that will inspire, challenge, and guide them towards becoming their best selves and setting meaningful goals for their future.

  • INSPIRATIONAL GUESTS SPEAKERS we understand the power of role models and the impact they can have on shaping young teenager's mind. That's why we've curated a lineup of inspirational guest speakers who bring their unique perspectives, experiences, and insights to inspire and motivate your teenager to reach for the stars. 



Research has demonstrated that gun violence conducted by adults and youths is now the leading cause of deaths among youths and students.  As a matter of fact according to the Gun Violence Archive, last year more than 6,000 youths have been killed or injured in the U.S. by gunfire. Evidence by extensive findings also revealed that exposure to violence in the home, community or in school can affect students and youths:

  • Educational Attainment

  • Grades

  • Test Scores

  • Graduation rates and..

  • Academic Engagement

     ****All of these occurences can happen whether a student or youth witnesses it,  know someone who was shot, or live in fear of the next shooting.


"HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS" (HGNG) GOAL SETTING PROGRAM is a one (1) week program (Monday-Friday) that has been designed to educate, empower & enlighten ambitious youths and students with invaluable tools and mindset to set and achieve meaningful goals, and to cultivate a sense of purpose and direction in their lives opposed to being influenced by negative influence, resorting to violence or aggression to resolve conflict and/or acquiring guns.

Through a supportive and immersive environment where youths & students can learn and practice effective goal setting techniques, connect with like-minded peers, and gain clarity on their passions and aspirations, the "HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS" summer program will inspire participants to think big, develop a growth mindset, and take actionable steps towards their dreams.

By the end of this program, you can expect your youth/student to strongly prioritize setting and pursuing meaningful goals, take ownership of their personal development, channel their energy into constructive actions and problem-solving and become more focused, motivated and successful in all areas of their lives.



Born and raised in Philadelphia (Mt. Airy) and attended Murrell Dobbins, Community College of Philadelphia and Gwynedd Mercy University, my passion for teaching goal setting to youths and students began after the death of my niece, Latia Jones, @ 20 years of age, while sitting on a porch with a friend, was gunned down and killed by youths in the neighborhood.

According to Investigation, Latia's friend was the intended target who recently testified in a murder case while Latia was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What many did not know, at the time of Latia's death, she was pursuing her goal @ Temple University to become a forensic psychologist to study why youth kill other youths. She developed this passion to pursue this type of career due to many of her friends lives cut short due to gun violence. 

From her demise, I've written a book called "Have Goals Not Guns" which is an action guide (workbook) and curriculum that teaches goal setting principles and strategies to empower youth and students everywhere to achieve their full potential via goal setting.

"HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS" was recently named Amazon's #1 hottest release and #3 on the Best Sellers List. 

Students from FELS High School are saying this...

"Learning from Wanda Martin about goal setting has helped me to work out more and keep track of my goals. This helped me to become more focused. This was something I never did before."
"Now I know how to properly set goals and achieve them."
fels stucents on Achieve.png

Two FELS High School students appeared on my RVN TV Show -"Achieve Your Goals With Wanda Martin"  



We all know, setting and achieving goals is a critical skill that helps youths/students  become more focused, motivated and successful in all areas of their lives. It helps them develop a growth mindset and encourages them to take ownership of their learning and personal development. 


However, many youths & students struggle with goal setting, either because they do not know how to set meaningful goals or  

because they lack the tools and support to achieve them.  


As a goal setting expert and program director of HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS, we are committed to helping  youths & students overcome these challenges and develop the skills and mindset needed to set and achieve their goals by teaching them how to identify their goals, develop action plans, and stay motivated along the way..all during a one week summer program.

Students from Phoenixville Area High School are saying this...

1-"Have Goals Not Guns has helped me to identify and focus on my "why."
2-"I never thought about goal setting before. I now see why it is important and how it can help me."
 3-"Writing down short term goals helped me to keep track of what I needed to accomplish each marking period.  Much thanks to "Have Goals Not Guns" Action Guide
4- "This action guide helped me to think about what keeps me from succeeding. I see how I now get in my own way." 



The root causes of gun violence are complex, but one contributing factor is a lack of positive outlets for our youths and young adults to channel their energy and ambition. The "Have Goals Not Guns" summer goal setting program aims to address this issue by providing a safe and structured environment for youths and young adults to learn and develop goal setting skills.

One of the thing that sets "Have Goals Not Guns" summer goal setting program from other youth summer programs  is that this program promotes a culture of goal setting among our youth and young adults. By teaching them how to set clear objectives and develop a plan to achieve them, it is our goal to help  them  build self-confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose. These skills can help them stay focused on their future and steer them away from gun violence and negative influences which we believe will help our and yours community tremendously. 


Limited seating (20 seats only )is available in the HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS youth/student summer program, so don’t hesitate to REGISTER your youth/student today.

Youths from Parkland High School are saying this...

"I really enjoyed "Have Goals Not Guns" action guide and learned a lot from it in regards to wanting to become an entrepreneur."
"I learned how to write out my goals so I can read & confess them as my daily affirmation. This is going to help me to stay focus on my goals."
 Camila & AlaLiana Harris


  • Create a clear and compelling vision for participant's future (academically and personally)  by utilizing empowering Goal Setting Skills.

  • ​Identify and learn the the importance of setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) that will help gain clarity about what they want to achieve and encourage regular evaluation and adjustments of their goals.

  •  Develop Self-Awareness by encouraging participants to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, values, and interests. This will enable them to align their goals with their authentic selves.

  • Gain understanding of "Mind Mapping" which guides participants into drawing a map that will break down large goals into actionable steps that will culminate to a well-structured action plan.

  • Develop healthy self esteem and confidence via team building exercises and lessons. 

  • Develop a positive, results-focused mindset and problem skills to handle obstacles and roadblocks on the participant's journey. 

  • Adopt new habits and learn new routines that support participants success and future.


Limited seating (20 seats only )is available in the HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS youth/student summer program, so don’t hesitate to REGISTER your youth/student today.

Educators (teachers) are saying this...

"As a teacher, this book and program is very important for my students.  When they don't have goals to shoot for, they just exist aimlessly...especially our young black & brown males. 
When they don't have a team they are trying to make or grade they want to accomplish, that's when they get into the most trouble or gravitate towards the wrong group of people."
Derek Taylor (educator)


  • Interactive Goal Setting lessons and activities

    • Topics will include: SMART goals, Mind Mapping, Discovering Your Purpose and much more..

  • Hear from Guest Speakers: 

    • Guest Speakers will provide valuable insights, practical tips, and motivation to help participants dream big and believe in their potential.

  • Goal Setting, Mind Mapping and Vision Board Toolkits:

    •  Kits provided to all participants which includes manuals, supplies and resources to support their goal setting journey.

  • Group Discussions and Peer Support:

    • In a facilitated group discussions,  participants can share their goals, challenges, and progress with each other to foster a sense of community.

  • Opportunity to appear on  GOAL SETTING TV TALK SHOW:

    • ​1-2 participants will be asked to appear on ACHIEVE WITH WANDA goal setting show that will take place on site. 

  • ​Daily Lunch and Snacks breaks provided:

    • To ​ create a seamless experience for all participants, participants will be provided with providing daily lunch and snacks.  

Young Adults (College level) are saying this...

"The Have Goals Not Guns Action Guide was very helpful as a college student and motivated me to start working on my goals."

Zachary Ford, Gettysburg College 

M-F (9AM-3:30PM)


Day 1 - 2

  • Goal Setting & Achievement  Assessment — (Tailor  participants  journey within the program)

  • Take 100% Charge Of Your Results —​ (This is one of the most powerful lesson and will set participant up for academic and personal success in the years to come).

  • Discover Your Unique Purpose-

  • Attitude of Gratitude

  • Power of Goal Setting part 1 (learning High Achieving goal setting principles)

    • What is a Goal?

    • How to set a Goal​

    • How to write a Goal

    • Techniques to reviewing your Goals


Day 3 - 4

  • Introduction to creating SMART Goals.

  • Mind Mapping Activity - (The Art of Chunking down large goals into smaller-actionable steps)

  • Power of Accountability 

  • Visualization to Goal Setting 

    • Participants will learn to visualize themselves achieving their goals.

  • Power Of Goal Setting 2— (Learning how to set breakthrough goals)

  • Self Image (The me I see is the me I'll be) lesson& activity

  • What do I hide- Removing limiting  beliefs (exercise)

Day 5

  • Power of goal setting Affirmations-(learning the eight (8) guidelines necessary for writing powerfully effective goal setting statements you can use daily to accelerate your achievements).

  • Power of Positive Self Talk

  • Vision Board Party (3 Hours)

  • Catered Closing Celebration


Limited seating (20 seats only )is available in the HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS youth/student summer program, so don’t hesitate to REGISTER your youth/student today.

The Real Ms. Abbott is saying this...

"As an educator for over 25 years with the School District of Philadelphia, and the namesake of the ABC's Emmy Award winning television series "Abbott Elementary", I know first-hand the importance of goal setting for youth/students and how impactful they are in achievement. 
Wanda is passionate about helping our young people transform their lives through her dedicate work with HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS  goal setting strategies. 

Ms. Joyce Abbott

The Real Miss Abbott/Namesake of ABC's  Emmy Award Winning "Abbott Elementary"

What participants can expect to  receive at the completion of the program?


  • HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS Certificate of Completion.

  • A developed vision for their future by thinking about what they want to achieve in their lives academically and personally. 


  • Strategies for staying motivated and focused even when faced with obstacles and/or setbacks. 

  • Essential Goal Setting skills such as time management, prioritization and problem-solving. 


  • Follow-Up Communication: After the program, we will reach out to participants to check in on their progress and offer additional support and resources during the upcoming academic school year.

  •  Reunion Events: All participants will be invited to attend periodic reunion events  to reconnect and share their progress and experiences during school and holiday breaks.


  •  Reunion Events: All participants will be invited to attend periodic reunion events  to reconnect and share their progress and experiences during school and holiday breaks.

Limited seating (20 seats only )is available in the HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS youth/student summer program, so don’t hesitate to REGISTER your youth today. 

Students are saying this...

"As a student, HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS Action Guide was very good and needed for me".
Jaylah Plant (Student @ Plymouth Whitemarsh) 


AGE Ranges-

  • 13-18 years of age (High Schools & Middle Schools grades) 

    • 1st week =   July 10-14th 

    • 2nd week = July 24- 28th

  • ​​**Each week, Participants  will be  paired in their particular age group, where they can benefit the most from peer to peer interaction, goal setting and personal development activities.

Motivated Youths & Students

  • The HGNG program is designed for youth/students who are motivated and interested in personal growth, self-improvement, and goal achievement.  Each participants should have a genuine desire to learn about goal setting, develop skills, and apply them in their lives.

Parental Consent​ed Youths

  • Participants under the age of 18, parental consent is required to participate in the program. This ensures that parents or guardians are aware of and supportive of their youth involvement in the program.

Committed and Punctual Youth & Students

  • All Youth/Students should be committed to attending the program regularly, actively and punctually. This commitment ensures that participants fully engage in the learning process and derive maximum benefit from the program.


  • The program welcomes youths & students who are open-minded and willing to explore new ideas, perspectives, and approaches to goal setting. Participants should be receptive to feedback, willing to step out of their comfort zones, and embrace a growth mindset.

Contact  Info@wandamartin for  any questions

  • Click the Bottom of the Page to Register


  • Where will the program be located?

    • Higher Ground International Roxborough ​Campus | 7860 Eva Street | Philadelphia, Pa 19128 | 610.970-3938 or 610.970-3890

  • What are the times of the program?​

    • 9am-3:30 pm​ daily

  • Will the program be opened to all youth/students?

    • Yes. All Youths fitting the age group criteria will be accepted.

  • Is there a fee to participate?

    • Yes. A non-refundable fee of $199 that include all participants goal setting materials and kits, resources, supplies, meals, etc. However all required forms (Registration, Health, Emergency Contact, Waiver & Liability forms) must all be completed prior to the arrival of your youth to the first day of the program.

    • There is also a payment plan available 

  • When will the Program begin and end?

    • 1st week session will begin on July 10th and conclude July 14th.​​

    • 2nd week session will begin on July 24th and conclude on July 28th 

  • How many participants; be accepted into the program each week?

    • Limited participants will be accepted into the program on a first come first serve bases 

    • The HGNG summer goal setting program believe in the value of maintaining small and intimate sessions to provide the best possible experience for our participants. Therefore we have limited the program to a limited amount  participants per week in order to prioritize the quality of instruction, individualized attention, and create a close-knit group that supports and encourages each participant's goal-setting journey.

  • Will there be lunch provided?

    • Yes. Lunch and snacks will be provided to all participants daily. 

  • What will my youth/student learn concerning goal setting?

    • Please refer to the PROGRAM OVERVIEW SECTION​

  • Can missed time be made up?

    • Unfortunately missed time, days or information cannot be made up.​

  • Will there be additional support after program ends?

    • Yes. Contact will be made with each participants at the conclusion of the program to ensure they are still on track with their goals.​

  • What happens if my youth violate the HGNG policies?

    • Youth/student will be dismissed immediately from the program if they behave unruly in any way that is offensive or poses a threat/danger to staff or other participants.  ​It is our aim to make this program an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone.

  • Will I be contacted in case of emergency?

    • Absolutely. We ask all participants to have the emergency contact form completed before reporting to the program.

  • How do I register my youth/student?

    • Click the link at the bottom of this page to register your youth​.

  • Is financial assistance available ​for those who may need it?

    • Unfortunately not at this time.​

  • What qualifications and experience do the program instructor(s) have?

    • Click the link  to view Wanda Martin's bio, who will be the main instructor of the program.

  • Will there be any guest speakers involved in the program?

    • Yes. Several guest speakers have been schedule to speak throughout the duration of the program.​

  • ​Will there be opportunities for participants to work on their own personal goals?

    • Absolutely.  It is suggested for participants to have their specific goals already thought about and written down before arriving to the program.

  • How can participants or parental guidance contact the program for further questions or concerns?

  • What resources or materials will be provided to participants?

    • All resources, manual, workbooks, kits will be provided throughout the duration of the program.

  • What safety measures are in place to ensure the well-being of the participants?

    • There will be a security guard on site throughout the duration of the program to ensure the safety of all participants and staff.​

  • Will there be a "Parent Handbook" available for the program?

    • Yes. The Parent Handbook will be emailed to the parent or legal guardian to all fully paid ​participants that are under the age of 18.

Have Goals Not Guns

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