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From a recent study, it was reported that 95% of corporations and organizations  have not implemented leadership and employee development which includes utilizing the avenue of goal setting are now facing some serious repercussions from this oversight.  When leaders nor employees have clear goals, or strategic objectives, the organization suffers such as; decrees in productivity and profit, loss of focus and motivation, missed mid-year and quarterly performance reviews and the overall vision of the organization and daily work of front line employees become irrelevant. 

It is integral right now, more than ever, that leaders today have a formalized goal setting process that their team can rally around, work together and contribute to the entire organization's success in addition, improve employee motivation, productivity and engagement.

GO FOR THE GOALS, LLC  shares various goal setting principles and processes to empower corporations and organizations to reach new heights of success through strategic goal setting and achievement. In today's fast-paced corporate culture, setting and achieving goals has never been more critical. The ability to define a clear vision, align your team, and stay on course is the driving force behind sustainable growth and innovation.

As a seasoned goal setting expert, we understand the unique challenges faced by modern corporations and organizations. We recognize that your goals are not just about numbers and metrics; they represent your aspirations, values, and the impact you seek to make on your industry and community. That's why we are here to provide the essential guidance and expertise to ensure your goals are not merely aspirations but tangible realities.

Our proven methodologies and personalized strategies have helped numerous businesses and organizations from The School District of Philadelphia Administration to the widely known YMCA  break through barriers, increase productivity, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Whether you're a corporation looking to boost profits, a non-profit striving to maximize your impact, or an organization aiming to enhance teamwork and morale, our goal setting expertise is tailored to meet your specific needs.



School District of Phila.

Wanda's goal setting training made me realize that I don't focus enough on having and utilizing goals within my department. I am now encouraged to do better. 


Arian Simone, Celebrity Publicist, 

Wanda's goal setting teaching is transformative. Not only will it improve your mindset, but she gives you all the tools to stay the course.  You walk away with much clarity that goal setting execution is made easy. 


Bridgette Battle, CEO The Bridget Battle Experience

I had the opportunity to participate in Wanda Martin's goal setting training session. Let's just say she successfully delivered the message, practical tools and strategies to help you meet your goals. 

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