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Wanda Martin, President and Founder of Go For The Goals, LLC, stands out as a premier leading expert in goal setting, offering strategies and techniques for a diverse range of motivated individuals, including entrepreneurs, corporations, adults, students, and youths to define their goals and align themselves with definitive pathways toward success.  


As an accomplished Goal Setting Expert, Best Seller Author, Speaker, Strategist, and TV Host, she recently completed Cornell University's Women Entrepreneurship program, leveraging her expertise to impact thousands. Wanda's direct and no-nonsense approach delivers advice and proven practices for defining, attaining, and maintaining success through goal setting.

With a proven track record, Wanda specializes in teaching cutting-edge goal-setting methodologies that propel organizations employees such as Vanguard, Delta, Mary Kay, City of Philadelphia and many more achieve unprecedented 10x performance, heightened productivity, and increased profitability. With a passion for unlocking untapped potential, Wand Martin is the go-to authority for companies seeking transformative and sustainable growth through strategic goal-setting.


Her influence extends to educational institutions as well, where she partners with schools and administration to guide students on healthy career paths through goal setting. Featured on major networks such as 10 NBC & 6 ABC, and invited to teach at renowned institutions like Howard University and Community College of Philadelphia, Wanda's teachings shape the future of problem-solving with goal setting for students and youths alike.

The journey doesn't end there—through the demise of Wanda's niece, Latia (20) who tragically fell victim to youth gun violence while pursuing her goal @ Temple University to become a Forensic Psychologist. commitment to "Give Back", particularly in aiding underserved youth in historically African American communities, has been reflected in her Amazon's Best Seller book, "Have Goals, Not Guns Action Guide (Youth/Student Edition)".  This resource teaches students/youths various goal setting principles on how to set and achieve meaningful goals (academically & personally) in order to passionately pursue their dreams and career aspirations, thus steering away from negative influences and risky behavior. 

In her role as the TV Host of "ACHIEVE your goals with Wanda," she specializes in insightful interviews and moderating with entrepreneurs and celebrities, delving into their goal-setting strategies that propelled them to success. Wanda has interviewed on her show luminaries such as renown millionaires, authors, NBA mothers, and Ms. Joyce Abbott, the namesake of ABC's hit show "Abbott Elementary.”

With over 15 years of experience and certification as a Jack Canfield "Success Principles" trainer, Wanda empowers individuals to recognize their capabilities and grow into purposeful achievers beyond imagination all through the avenue of goal setting.

“Wanda's goal setting strategies have the power to change student lives.”

Ms. Joyce Abbott

The Real Miss Abbott/Namesake of ABC'S TV Hit Show and Emmy Award winning "Abbott Elementary"



When we don’t have the tools to take on the goals we set our minds to, a little help can go a long way. According to researchers at the University of Scranton, only 8% of those who set New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them. Goal-setting expert, strategist, and founder of Go For The Goals, LLC, Wanda Martin, knows exactly what the remaining 92% are missing, and has provided these answers in all of her goal setting resources. 

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