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Meet Wanda Martin


It is never too late, and you are never too old to achieve your goals.

Wanda Martin


Over 15 years ago, Wanda Martin left her role as a successful Health Information Administrator at one of the largest Skilled Nursing and Rehab Facility in Philadelphia, to enact the changes she felt were so desperately needed within her community. Stepping out on faith, and alongside her husband, pastor Steve Martin, the two founded Higher Ground Church International, a non-denominational, contemporary, multi-racial ministry, located in Pennsylvania. With two campuses – in Philadelphia and  Pottstown – the couple have gone on to provide life-changing services that enrich the lives of all those who attend, and members of surrounding communities.


It was through serving along side and with her husband that Wanda gained notoriety for her magnetic personality and influential leadership style.  As a Goal-Setting Strategist, Wanda’s charismatic approach to finding purpose through goal fulfillment eventually became the catalyst for the work she does today as an accomplished co-pastor, author, speaker, and strategist. As a revered voice in her community and beyond, Wanda has an astute understanding that the way we teach and consume new information is not a one-size fits all approach. This is why she has strategically crafted niche services that cater to every client. Through Wanda Martin TV Show and her easy-to-use courses, webinars, one-on-one coaching sessions, and self-guided tutorials, all available through her Go For The Goal Academy, countless participants have been positively transformed by the proven practices and techniques that she has spent years personally and professionally perfecting.


 In conclusion, Wanda's mission is clear: to empower individuals with exceptional goal-setting strategies, guiding them to join the elite 8% who successfully achieve their goals, as highlighted by a University of Scranton revealing that 92% of Americans never achieve their goals while only 8% are able to accomplish their set goals.

Jack Canfield Says...

pic jack canfield and wanda.HEIC
"Wanda's goal-setting strategies work if you work them.  I encourage you to use them and take your life to the next level." 

Jack Canfield

Originator, Co-Creator and Author of New York Times Best Selling Book Series & Billion Dollar Empire. "Chicken Soup for the Soul" + " The Success Principles"

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