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GOAL SETTING Action Guide 


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THE NUMBERS ARE IN....according to to the Gun Violence Archive, last year in 2022, more than 6,000 children have been killed or injured in the United States by gunfire, with the youngest victim being only 5-months-old Cecilia Thomas, who was shot in the head while sitting in a car in Chicago during a June 24th drive-by-shooting. This number surpasses the 5,708 killed or hurt by gun violence in 2021. Guns are now the leading cause of death among young people in the U.S. 

Due to this statistic and the death of Wanda's niece, Latia Jones, who at the age of 20, while pursuing her goal to fulfill her dream of becoming a Forensic Psychologist at Temple University, was gunned down with her friend, as they sat on the porch enjoying each other's company, Wanda has designed this Goal Setting Action Guide to encourage and educate youth and students everywhere to utilize goal setting to fulfill their dreams and get what they want out of life instead of using anything else…especially guns.


Inside this Goal Setting Youth Edition any youth/student will discover:

~Practical proven goal setting principles and strategies every youth and student should know to pursue a goal

  • ~ Why every youth should have goals 

  • ~  How to set a goal

  • ~  How to properly write a goal

  • ~  How to make each goal S.M.A.R.T

  • ~  Etc.

~Action Items Worksheets

~Self Discipline Techniques to keep you motivated and avoid procrastination

~Mini quizzes after each principle to test what you've learned (answers in the back of book)

~Inspirational quotes to keep you inspired and focused

~And much more!

When applying these Goal Setting principles, this (Youth Edition) Action Guide will motivate your youth/student to action, create a set of achievements for a specific time, increase self confidence, develop work ethic, build perseverance and transform their life and behavior that will last a lifetime

"Have Goals Not Guns" Course

Based on Wanda Martin's new book "HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS" and partnering  with various schools and educational systems, Wanda has developed an elective course that is enlightening and transformative to all students that utilizes the principles that are given. (See Classes Offered Below)

Having been welcome to teach goal-setting to students at The Community College of Philadelphia, Overbrook, Dobbins and currently Fels High Schools, Pennell Elementary School, Locke Elementary and Middle School and a host of others, Wanda's practical, energetic and relatable teachings on goal setting are helping students everywhere, near and far, discover their purpose, refine their self image, and illuminate pathways towards achieving their dreams and goals in life instead of usinga gun.

Book Wanda today to change the lives and results of your students/youths through the avenue of GOAL-SETTING.


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