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Welcome to the ultimate destination for unlocking your true potential and achieving your dreams! Dive into a world of transformation with our exclusive collection of goal-setting masterpieces, carefully curated to empower and guide you on your journey to success through the avenue of goal setting.

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Reading Book

Go For The Goal: 11 Strategies for getting what you want holds the expert goal setting principles and strategies that Wanda Martin has discovered to be an integral part of the daily lives of the world's most successful goal achievers.  

Wanda's debut publication has been proved to catapult readers to the coveted 8% of Americans who set and achieve their greatest goals.

Go For The Goal
Action Guide (Workbook)

Looking for some hands-on experience with setting and achieving your goals?  This goal setting action-guide (workbook) is designed to help you practice the goal setting principles and methods Wanda teaches in her acclaimed book.

Walking you through practical strategies and tips on how to set and achieve goals across the spectrum from business to personal endeavors, this workbook will undoubtedly optimize your success in life. 

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Youth/Student Action Guide

Due to the youth gun violence statistics and the death of Wanda's neice, Latia who at the age of 20, while pursuing her goal to fulfill her dream of becoming a Forensic Psychologist at Temple University, was gunned down with her friend as they say on the porch enjoying each other's company.

Wanda designed this Goal Setting Action Guide to encourage youths and students everywhere to utilize goal setting to fulfill their dreams and get what they want out of ilife . 

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