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For over a decade, Wanda Martin has been heralded as one of the nation’s leading goal-setting experts and strategists. Helping clients discover their purpose, refine their self image, and illuminate pathways toward their own defined success, countless individuals and organizations have been enlightened and positively transformed by her proven methods and principles. Previously appointed as a standing guest instructor for the Community College of Philadelphia, under the Navigating Business Leaders & Professionals program, Wanda educated students, and professors alike, on how to successfully master goal setting and achievement through empowering tools, focused mindsets, and masterful planning. Extending her reach beyond her home audience,  Wanda can be found sharing her goal-setting experiences and techniques with the masses at conferences, retreats, and on television networks, including Inspire Living TV and Aspire TV.




“Wanda Martin‘s goal setting teacher is transformative not only will improve your mindset but she also gives you practical tools to stay the course. You walk away with much goals and clarity that goes an execution is made easy.”

Arian Simone serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, angel investor, best selling author, Intl speaker, cofounder and general partner of the Fearless Fund, a 25 multi million venture capital fund in featured in Forbes in essence magazine.




If you are an entrepreneur or motivated individual wanting to learn the fundamentals of goal setting and develop self discipline techniques, then this program was designed specifically with you in mind. This Academy will give you several courses to choose from that produces the strategies, high-level coaching, and structured accountability to support you in achieving the dreams and goals that you have secretly held for so long.  

Within the courses of the Academy, you will:

~Create a clear and compelling vision for your future

~Identify achievable goals that will launch your future

~Create practical strategies to achieve your goals 

~Develop a positive, results focused mindset and problem solving skills  to handle obstacles and roadblocks you may encounter on your journey

~Overcome the internal and external challenges that may be holding you back from showing up as your best self.

Whether you need to get your life back on track or you are wanting to take the next big leap, the courses offered within The Go For The Goal Academy will help you master the actions required to realize your biggest dreams and greatest potential.   In all reality, enrolling in this academy is the perfect way to say "yes" to YOU. 

“Wanda knows how to successfully deliver practical goal setting and tactics to help you to achieve your goals. “

Bridgett Battles, Presence Strategist & CEO of the Bridgette Battles Experience

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Vision boards are far more than a simple reflection of our desires. With Wanda Martin’s help, they can become the window to your greatest accomplishments. We can all use assistance with developing the vision of who we aspire to be, as we reach towards our greatest potential. It’s never too late to take the steps to bring that vision from a dream into your reality. When we are able to see what we want to achieve, it makes it easier for us to get up and do the work everyday. If this is your year to take action on your dreams, book Philadelphia’s renowned goal-setting expert to lead your next vision board event today. 

"After taking Wanda Martin GO FOR THE GOAL classes, I now have a sense of accomplishment just knowing I am headed in the right direction with my business and practice."

Attorney Zanetta Ford


" In the past, I've heard and sat in many sessions on goal setting. However, after hearing Wanda Martin teach on goal setting, I've finally discovered what was keeping me from achieving my goals. In addition, I learned how to create action plans for every goal I set. The practical goal setting lessons I've learned from Wanda's teachings have helped me to remain

disciplined and consistent in manifesting my dreams."

Ashlee "The Amateur Expert" Eason

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