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Did you know that approximately 20% of students, especially high school students, in the United States lack clear academic and personal goals, according to the National Center for Education Statistics?

Motivated by the heartbreaking loss of my niece, Latia (20), who had aspired to become a Forensic Psychologist but tragically fell victim to youth gun violence during her time at Temple University, I embarked on a mission to create a goal-setting action guide that is tailored specifically for students/youths aiming to empower and provide them with goal setting principles and techniques needed to navigate the path towards a brighter academic and personal future.  It is my objective that this goal setting action guide will encourage students/youths to have and set meaningful goals (academically and personally), passionately pursue their dreams and aspirations, thus steering away from negative influences and risky behaviors. 


With great enthusiasm, I am delighted to introduce you to my latest book, "Have Goals Not Guns."  This powerful goal-setting action guide is tailored specifically for students, aiming to empower and provide them with the guidance they need to navigate the path towards a brighter academic and personal future.


As a goal setting strategist and author having witnessed various students at a variety of schools such as Community College of Philadelphia, Fels High School, J. Hampton Moore, Overbrook, Dobbins, Plymouth Whitemarsh HS., and will be conducting goal setting sessions at HOWARD UNIVERSITY in 2024,  achieve success along with overcome academic and personal struggles with the power of goal setting,  I am confident that your students will greatly benefit from reading and performing the various exercises in this book as well.


This Goal Setting Action Guide, featured on channels 6 ABC and 10 NBC, has made a significant impact in helping students focus on meaningful goals that stimulated purpose, growth and achievement both academically and personally.


From this book students have discovered:

~ What Is a Goal?

~ Why Having Goals are important to academic/personal success?

~ Benefits to Goal Setting

What Is a SMART Goal and How to make goals SMART?

How To Set Exciting Goals?

~ And so more...

By the time your students finish this book either during the school year or for a summer resource read, you can expect them to strongly prioritize setting and pursuing meaningful goals, take ownership of their personal development, channel their energy into constructive actions and become more focused, motivated and successful in all areas of their lives.

***We accept purchase orders from schools and offer bulk discounts on orders of at least ten books. 

Latia Jones

Have Goals Not Guns on 6ABC

Mr. Derek Taylor, Teacher
Trenton, NJ 


Students @ Phoenixville HS


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Are you looking to inspire and empower your students and youth to set and achieve their goals?

As a seasoned goal setting expert, author and keynote speaker for students and featured on 6ABC and 10 NBC, I am available to bring engaging and impactful goal setting presentations, workshops, and lessons to your school.   

Having established my own youth/Student goal setting summer program and welcomed to share goal setting to students at Community College Of Philadelphia, Fels, Dobbins, and Overbrook High Schools, J. Hampton Moore & Pennell Elementary Schools and a host of others, my goal setting presentations, keynotes and lessons have transformed the lives of countless students near and far.

How to Request Me For A Goal Setting Event:

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